​​​​About TPT

Texas Poker Tour runs and operates free No-Limit Texas Hold ‘Em Poker

Tournaments 7 days a week in Killeen, Harker Heights and Copperas Cove 

As #1 Bar Poker League in the area with over 2000 registered players, TPT awards

over $2000 in prizes at their monthly finals.

Here at TPT we are not just a league we are a family. We strive to not only have

serious games with serious players but to have a good time while we do it.


We have professional and fun dealers to maximize the enjoyment and integrity of

game play. Meet our staff here!!


We hope to see you soon at one of the many games we host across the Central

Texas area.

How it Works

TPT is absolutely free to play - 7 days a week. To become a member, simply visit any of our locations on a night we play. Signing up to play is your initial league registration. When points are uploaded from that tournament, your name will appear on our League Leaderboard. As a player, you will accumulate points throughout each season to be used towards our monthly finals. Depending on your rank, you will be awarded a certain amount of chips.

TPT is always free to play and is a great way to gain some live experience and make some new like minded friends.


Tournaments average 20-40 players and usually last around 3 hours. Players begin with 10,000 in chips and can receive bonus chips in a variety of different ways. If you sign up 30 min prior to game start, you will receive a bonus chip. ALL BONUSES are cut off 15 min prior to game start. NO EXCEPTIONS! If you follow from the early game to the late game, you are eligleble for all bonuses, as long as you are at the late game before the first break of the late game starts


The following tables outline our regular nightly tournament blind structure:

#                      Blinds                         Time      

1                           100/200                             15 min.

2                           200/400                            15 min.

3                           300/600                            15 min.

4                           500/1000                          15 min


5                           1000/2000                        15 min

6                           2000/4000                        15 min.    

7                           3000/6000                        15 min

8                           5000/10000                     15 min                                                                                                                                                   Break