The top 3 of every game will receive Texas Poker Tour points for our monthly finals. 

Place in the top 3 and automatically qualify for finals on the first Saturday of each month (unless it is a Holiday weekend , it will be the following weekend) The chip leader at the end of the month will receive an award and extra chips.

The finals winner will receive a seat into the Bar Poker Open event in Las Vegas or Atlantic City or a $$$ option.


Every first week of the month, you are able to pay for your VIP status, $20. This status will allow you to reserve your seat at each venue, you can be late (cut off is at the beginning of the 3rd blind level, 30 min into the game) and still receive all your chips and bonus chips, as a VIP you will also receive either 10000 extra chips or a reentry at the games, rules apply. 

If you should qualify for our finals, you will receive 30% more starting chips also.

The VIP FINAL TOURNEY is at every 1st Friday of the following month, which will be played as a FREEZE-OUT and the payout is set.

* Winner of the game at DEJA VU will get to draw out of a deck of cards. If the player picks the Ace of Spades, the player will win the Jackpot. If the player picks a Joker, the player will win $10, all other cards are losers. Every loser card will get taken out of the deck, until the jackpot hits.  The Jackpot is posted on Facebook for the game. GOOD LUCK!! * RULES APPLY!